AXP5216 迷你型隨身碟


AXP5216 迷你型隨身碟

USB Flash Disk
Key Features
—Simple – just plug into a USB port
—Non Cap – keep away with the hassle of taking care of the cap
—Easily & reliably transfer, store, and share important files

--Compatible with USB 2.0 interface
--Capacity: 2GB-64GB
--Operating Temperature: 0°C~ 70°C
--Operating Humidity: RH 80% Max.
--Compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / VISTA / 7, Mac 8.6, OS 9 and OS X, Linux kernel 2.4 or above
--Dimensions: 52.6*19*9.5 mm (approx.)
--Available Color: Blue / Green / Orange / Pink